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Roof Repairs

Got A Roof Leak or Missing Shingles?


If you ever need an experienced Roofer it's when you have a leak...Who do you turn to when you need a Roof Repair?...Homeowners have many choices, the bad news is that not all roofing companies claiming to be experts in roof repair are up to the task. 

    The roofing trade is virtually unregulated in Ontario, and the building code is very skimpy on proper roof installation, advocating the bare minimum required practices.  That means anyone with a compressor and a nail gun willing to get on a roof may have installed your roof, and its very likely they did not have the training or the experience to prevent long term roofing problems.


FIRST, FIND AN EXPERT!  Joe and his truck likely caused the problem, and it would be foolish to get someone equally and unskilled to conduct the roof repair.

RaiseEmUp Roofing techs are experienced with even the most difficult roofing problems that other companies have not been able to solve.  Our team is committed to solving any roofing you may have.​

     If you have a roof leak, you need an experienced roofer to repair it and no doubt, RaiseEmUp Roofing   is most demanded for our superior residential roof repair service. We are proficient with the most challenging roofing complications that no one else has been able to solve.  Our professional team of roofers are dedicated to solve any roofing issue you may have. Our experts understand how a roofing system works so we welcome you at RaiseEmUp Roofing to enjoy our services that are specially designed to improve the quality of your life that give you a worry-free installation and many years of peace of mind.


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